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brb chundering over toby’s season five hairdo

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parenting tips from jessica dilaurentis: when witnessing your daughter being hit over the head with a rock, immediately assume she is dead and bury her in your backyard without so much as checking for a pulse

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Big ‘A’ / Who’s In The Box / Black Widow - Theory

Peter Hastings and Jessica DiLaurentis had an affair which resulted in Jason being born. Jessica pretended he was Kenneth’s son and continued her affair. She soon found she was pregnant again with twin girls. She decided to give them up for adoption as she did not feel she could have more children under Kenneth’s impression that they were his. She somehow hid the pregnancy from Kenneth and gave birth to two twin girls - CeCe and Courtney. They were adopted by a loving couple in Courtland and lived their life normally.

The twins’ parents were friends with Sara Harvey’s family. The three became very close and Sara became their protégé and they made her into their triplet. CeCe and Sara had a healthy relationship but Courtney became obsessed with making Sara exactly like her. She started to pretend Sara was her twin instead of CeCe. The girls’ parents soon realised Courtney’s obsession and placed her under psychiatric evaluation. She was diagnosed with a mental disorder and sent to Radley Sanitarium while CeCe and her parents moved to Rosewood where CeCe began high school without telling anyone about her crazy twin. Whilst at Radley, Courtney was the ‘fragile patient’ who was on the roof with Marion Cavanaugh and pushed her off.

One weekend Courtney came home from Radley. When it was time for her to go back she managed to trick her parents into taking CeCe back. Courtney-as-CeCe now looked for a new protégé and found Alison DiLaurentis. They became best friends and Courtney’s unhealthy obsession began again, this time with Alison. She took it even further with Alison by getting her to make masks of her face so that they could be identical. Courtney-as-CeCe managed to hide it from her parents. Alison dared “CeCe” to go to Radley and say she was her. Whilst she was there the real CeCe managed to escape from Radley and Courtney was forced to stay in Radley again. Due to Jessica not wanting Alison seeing CeCe anymore because of her and Courtney’s “toxic” relationship CeCe did not interact with Alison much. CeCe managed to read Courtney’s diary to get her life back on track.

Whilst in Radley, Courtney begins to hate both CeCe and Alison because CeCe got her put back in the asylum and Alison didn’t realise she was swapped. Courtney becomes ‘A’ in revenge and begins to send Alison threatening messages. On the night of Alison’s disappearance she managed to break out of Radley. This is why Jessica didn’t want Alison going out - she thought Courtney might try and hurt Alison because she was mentally unstable. Courtney buys two yellow tops - one for her and one for Alison. She goes to Alison’s room and leaves one of the tops for Alison, stating it is a gift from her mother and leaves the ‘A’ message on Ali’s mirror. Courtney wears the other yellow top. CeCe learns about Courtney’s escape and goes to the DiLaurentis house to try and protect Alison but fails.

Alison is hit over the head with a rock whilst Jessica looks on. Jessica, in an effort to prevent Courtney being deemed criminally insane, buries Alison’s body in the backyard thinking she is dead. Obviously Alison is pulled out by Mrs. Grunwald after and Courtney realises. She decides that someone has to die so she goes to Courtland to find Sara Harvey. She kidnaps her and hits her over the head with the shovel when they are back in Rosewood. She places the yellow top on Sara’s body and buries her alive, this time waiting to make sure she does not escape. CeCe and Melissa see the whole ordeal and CeCe goes to Courtland the next day and pretends to be Sara on the bike to make sure she is not linked to Alison’s murder case.

The next day Courtney goes back to Radley and given an alibi by Mrs. DiLaurentis. Mona is inspired by Courtney’s ‘A’ persona and takes it on the following year when Aria returns from Iceland, before she was just stalking Alison not threatening her. When Mona is sent to Radley Courtney is released and makes a deal with Mona to take over the ‘A’-Team as Mona has a lair full of the Liars secrets. Mona thinks she is CeCe and she wears the Alison masks to make sure she does not know who she is. When Courtney hears that “Alison’s” body is going to be exhumed she breaks Mona out and digs it up to ensure it is not discovered as Sara’s. She is the real Red Coat throughout season three and four of the show. She lands the plane at the lodge and rescues Aria, Mona and Emily from the fire. She learns it was Wilden who set it and kills him at the lake in revenge for screwing up her plan. She then attends his funeral as the Black Widow and after failing to frame Ashley Marin for his muder decides to frame her own twin - the real CeCe. CeCe goes into hiding as she is afraid of her twin. Courtney finds CeCe and turns her into the police. She then murders Jessica when she learns that Alison has told the Liars her mother buried her, knowing they will try and get her to tell them who she was protecting.

Courtney is Big ‘A’ and her helper is Wren who went after the Liars in New York. CeCe is helping Alison and wants to protect her from Courtney, that’s why she was working with Ezra, to discover where Alison was.

I know this theory is long and probably not true, especially the Sara Harvey part because I can’t think of any other way Courtney could have done it. I don’t think one of the twins is dead because if so who is Big ‘A’? CeCe is in custody and I doubt they’d give another character on the show a twin. Thanks for reading! (If you read it)

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"Alison’s" Autopsy report was faked - THEORY

So whoever was buried in Alison’s place was left there for a year. This is a bit grim, but as soon as someone dies the body begins to decompose. After about 3 months only bones and teeth are left.

Now, in “Alison’s” autopsy it said that she was hit over the head with a blunt curved object (the shovel) and then buried alive as she was breathing in dirt when she died so suffocated. How were they able to tell that there was dirt in the lungs? Surely the lungs would’ve decomposed and the Jane Doe’s skeleton would just be left?

What if somebody (I’m thinking Wren - purely because he’s a doctor) faked the autopsy report to match the way that Alison was almost killed? There’s something not quite right in my opinion and I think Jane Doe could have been killed way before Alison “died”.

Could Jane Doe be Marion Cavanaugh? A bit random but it would explain why her storyline has been so big in season four. I personally don’t want it too because it would be pretty unrealistic for ‘A’ to take her bones out of a tomb and dress them up in Alison’s clothes and place them in the ground without something going wrong.

My only other suspect is CeCe Drake or her twin. They were wearing the same yellow top as Alison that night and it would be pretty hard to track down some random blonde girl and find the same yellow top, unless CeCe was involved in it and gave the girl her top or something. Plus Spencer says she heard a girl scream, so maybe it’s not Marion and a girl really did die that night.

But seriously - who is in that box?

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mitisvita asked: Is it just me or did A let out a very girly scream when jumping the building? x

Didnt notice really! Personally I think it was Toby or Courtney

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Spring Break Forever Bitches

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parenting tips from jessica dilaurentis: when witnessing your daughter being hit over the head with a rock, immediately assume she is dead and bury her in your backyard without so much as checking for a pulse


Mona wasn’t Ali’s ‘A’. She was just obsessed with Alison imo. The real ‘A’ is Courtney DiLaurentis who escaped from Radley (2x13 - The First Secret, 4x24 - A is for Answers). Mona found Ali and was inspired by Courtney’s ‘A’ idea so took it up herself when Aria got back from Iceland.

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She thought I was dead, I was trying to tell her I was alive. I was screaming, god can’t you see me? Can’t you see me breathing? Look at me! The words didn’t come out, I couldn’t move.