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How have we still not seen a picture of Bethany Young?!?!!?!!

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September 2009 - Alison goes missing.


Season 1: Liars begin junior year.

September 2010 - Aria returns from Iceland (1x01).

September 2010 - Liars start getting -A texts.

Sept/Oct 2010 - Ian falls off belltower (1x22).

(Note: Season 1 took place over 8 weeks)

Jesus November was a long month, funny how fucked up the timeline is though. They should’ve done a Christmas episode last year instead of the mess that was Grave New World and then we’d be around March 2012 now. They could do a lovely Easter episode.

General Theories

So I haven’t done any theories in a while so I’m jut gonna jot down some of my thoughts on current mysteries so ya

• I’m standing by my theory that Courtney DiLaurentis is ‘A’. However, I believe it’s Jason’s twin sister instead of Alison’s. I think her motive is that Alison got such a great life and she was locked up in Radley for some reason or another.

• I also think Courtney is Alison’s attempted killer. It would make sense as to why Jessica covered for the person and I honestly can’t think of any other characters she would do this for, although I wouldn’t be surprised if CeCe’s possible twin did it and they are somehow related to Jessica. CeCe confuses me so much but she’s apparently back for Christmas so she better give us some damn answers about her shananigans.

• Alot of people are talking about Bethany being Alison’s attempted killer, but this wouldn’t make sense because Jessica wrote that email telling them “I can’t protect you anymore” and obviously that wasn’t to Bethany. Unless this was ANOTHER person she was protecting I’m pretty sure Bethany isn’t Alison’s attacker.

• Aswell with Bethany, why aren’t we being shown any pictures of her?! Either she’s someone’s twin (although nobody matches her age) or the writers just don’t want us to see her for some reason? We better see what she looked like soon because she’s such a major character all of a sudden and I wanna see her death scene to be honest, we still don’t know how she ended up being mistaken for Alison and killed and then dressed up in Alison’s clothes and buried in the exact same spot Alison was in.

• I’m seriously stumped on Melissa’s secret. It’s obviously something to do with who killed Bethany but I don’t get what. I don’t think Melissa killed her because she said she was “sure it was Alison in that grave”. If she had been involved I doubt she would’ve mistaken Bethany for Alison unless she didn’t see her face, which would be pretty hard for someone you chased and murdered. I’m thinking it could be something to do with CeCe or Ian, but it seems to be something different to who actually killed Bethany because we find that out in 512 apparently. Hopefully it’s something useful. My current thought is that she saw someone burying Bethany’s body but I’m really not sure.

• I don’t think Noel’s secret is anything big and I reckon he’s helping Alison because they’ve always been friends. If she had something on him Noel wouldn’t have his “insuarance” because surely Alison could just reveal his secret? I don’t think it’s important in the long run.

• Finally, I’m 99.9% sure Melissa is dying in the #fAtalfinale. I’m pretty gutted because I love Melissa as a character and she’s so mysterious and obviously knows a lot about “A”. I think she’s gonna tell Spencer her secret and then want to go to the police about it, but ‘A’ is gonna stop her, thus taking the secret to the grave as the title suggests.

I’m working on several theories at the moment so stay tuned for updates! Thanks for reading.

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Take our word for it… You’re not reAdy.


Take our word for it… You’re not reAdy.

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Do you wanna order like a pizza, or something?

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Unanswered Pretty Little Liars Questions (S1-S5A)

It’s summer and I’m bored so I thought I’d update my list of unanswered questions, since we’ve gotten some answers since I last wrote this list, but mainly because we have a shit tonne of new questions. Enjoy.

Unanswered PLL Questions

1. Who is Uber “A”?
2. Who attempted to kill Alison?
3. Why did Jessica cover for this person?
4. Who killed Bethany Young?
5. Why was Bethany Young killed? As a body to mimic Alison or another reason?
6. Why was Bethany Young at the DiLaurentis house that night?
7. What is Melissa’s secret?
8. Who is the third Red Coat? (The one that got off the plane at the lodge)
9. Who is the Black Widow?
10. What was Lucas’ true involvement with the ‘A’-Team?
11. What really happened “that night”? Why did the ‘A’-Team dig up “Alison’s” body?
12. Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis?
13. Who killed Ian? Mona? Or the new ‘A’? Or did he really kill himself?
14. What were Melissa and CeCe talking about the night Alison disappeared?
15. And why was CeCe at the DiLaurentis house? Did Alison really call her?
16. AND why was she wearing a similar outift to Alison?
17. What happened that day at Brookhaven with Alison and ‘A’? Did Alison meet Mona or did nobody show up?
18. Who gave Alison that bloody lip?
19. Who was Beach Hottie? The one Alison had a pregnancy scare with.
20. Who was the Fragile Patient on the roof with Marion Cavanaugh?
21. Did they push her off of the roof on purpose or by accident?
22. What is ‘A’s motive?
23. What is up with that painting Alison saw in 5x03? Why did it freak her out?
24. How did Alison get the scar on her leg?
25. Why was Jessica giving Bethany gifts?
26. Why did Jessica want Bethany to call her Aunt Jessie? Were they related?
27. Why was Bethany wearing the same yellow top? Or did somebody put it on her after she was killed to make her look like Alison?
28. How did Alison’s ‘Jenna Thing’ bracelet get on Bethany’s body if she left it with Mona at the Lost Woods Resort?
29. Who was Melissa speaking to on the phone the night Alison disappeared?
30. Who was the shadowy figure hiding in Jason’s house?
31. Whose bloody bandanges fell out out Jason’s trash?
32. Where was Alison when she was thought to be dead?
33. Who was taking pictures for Ezra’s book?
34. Where are Wren’s loyalties? Who was he speaking to on the phone?
35. And why was he drawing a picture of Red Coat? Is he somehow caught up in all this mess?
36. Who was the fourth person who came to meet Jenna, Sydney and Mona in 5x05?
37. Who started the fire at the DiLaurentis house? Why were they trying to kill Jenna?
38. Who tried to drown Jenna in 4x09? Why?
39. Were Alison’s visits to Spencer and Aria real?
40. Why was Alison wanting so much money before she disappeared?
41. Who pulled Aria, Emily and Mona out of the lodge fire?
42. Who was the blonde in the zoo in 4x20? Mona?
43. Why is Jenna so afraid of CeCe if she isn’t even ‘A’?
44. Who smashed Connor’s car?
45. What did Melissa mean when she said she’d been protecting Spencer “since before it started”?
46. Why did Melissa form and alliance with Jenna and Shana? What was their aim?
47. What did Alison mean when she said “You know why I chose you” to Aria in 3x16?
48. Does Alison really love Emily or is she just playing her?
49. Who took the photograph of Alison with Spencer’s shadow in the background the night she disappeared?
50. Who took the photo of Alison and the Liars in 4x13 that was given to Holbrook?
51. Who was in the creepy zombie baby costume that attacked Alison in 2x13?
52. Whose body did Spencer find in the woods in 3x21?
53. Is Alison’s ghost story about the twins real? If so, who are the twins?
54. Why did one of them appear to Ashley Marin in 3x13?
55. Who blew up the Cavanaugh house in 5x05? ‘A’ or somebody else?
56. Where did Spencer leave the shovel after her encounter with Alison? How did it end up being used to kill Bethany?
57. What was Jessica and Peter’s ‘agreement’?
58. Why was Jessica giving CeCe clothes? Didn’t Jessica hate CeCe?
59. Who was in the car with Alison when she went to Hector’s studio? Why was Alison in such dire need of that money?
60. How did Hanna get separated from the girls in the tunnel in 4x13?
61. And what was up with those lights when Hanna was in the phonebooth? (If it’s supernatural shit then I don’t wanna know)
62. What does Alison have on Noel Kahn to make him help her?
63. What happend to Sara Harvey?
64. What was on page 5 of Alison’s autopsy report?
65. Whose blood was on Alison’s anklet? Hers or Bethany’s?
66. How well did Alison and Wilden know each other?
67. Was the story Mona told Spencer about her seeing Alison as Vivian in Brookhaven in 2x25 true? Or did she just make it up?
68. If it was true, who was Alison watching?
69. Why did CeCe go back to Rosewood after she told somebody she was “sure as hell” not going back there?
70. And why did was she eavesdropping on Ezra?
71. AND why was she wearing the black hoodie if she wasn’t ‘A’? Or is she secretly somehow involved?
72. What were CeCe’s reasons for breaking up with Jason that she mentioned in Pretty Dirty Secrets? Something to do with Alison’s disappearance?
73. Who was the girl in the costume that came out of the changing room when Noel and Garrett were arguing in PDS?
74. Is Melissa good or bad? She seemed to want to push Aria and Garrett out of that train in 3x13.
75. What was Red Coat’s plan for the Liars in 3x24? Why did she want them all at the lodge?
76. Who knocked Toby out in the woods in 3x24?
77. Whose finger bones were sewn inside Spencer’s dress in 4x23? Or were they fake?
78. Is there still an ‘A’-Team or is it just one person acting alone?
79. What’s up with the two pictures of Alison in her room? Vanity or twin?
80. Is there a twin on the show? If there is, who?!
81. Who was the girl behind the glass with Mona at the end of 5x03?
82. How the hell is ‘A’ funding themself?
83. What was going on between Mona and Shana in 4x12?
84. What happened between Ian and Melissa in Alison’s room after Jenna and Garrett left the night she disappeared?
85. Was it Alison or ‘A’ living under the DiLaurentis porch?
86. What did Mona whisper to Lucas after she found the cow brain in her locker in 3x14?
87. What is on the NAT videos that could bring Alison’s family down? A secret sibling? Twin?
88. If CeCe knows who killed Bethany why hasn’t she told Alison as she claims it’s the same person after her? Or was CeCe bluffing?
89. Why don’t Eddie Lamb and Wren like each other?
90. What happened to Eddie Lamb? Why didn’t he turn up to meet Ezra?
91. Why has Cyrus confessed to kidnapping Alison? Is ‘A’ paying him too or is there a link between him and Ali?
92. Who was in the car that was following Alison in 5x05?
93. Who is the demon in Bethany’s drawings supposed to be? A?

So I understand the majority of these will probably remain unanswered until the end of time, but Marlene, Joseph, Oliver, if you’re reading this, ANSWER AT LEAST SOME OF THESE DAMN QUESTIONS. I’ll probably update this whenever we get a new question, and on the rare occasion we get an answer that doesn’t turn out to be some kind of red herring or lie! Please message me any questions I’ve missed and I’ll add them to the growing list!

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Okay so do y’all think Bethany is the girl with the twin? I have no idea what to think about this girl. Also can anyone tell me why when they found this girl in the grave how did everyone think she was Ali?! The parents have to identify the body? Don’t they use DNA to identify the deceased. I need…

When they found the body it would have been past the point of identification, Jessica said she knew it was Ali because of the yellow top. In 4x17 Hanna realises that for the body in the grave to have been identified as Alison’s someone must have swapped the dental records of Alison and Bethany Young so that Bethany Young’s dental records in Alison’s file match the body.

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Anonymous asked: I guess this means Sara Harvey is irrelevant now


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